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Mikheil Chakaberia

error in gotrip plugin Solved

debut shows error and cannot insert demo data _function() is deprecated in /var/www/mytrips.ge/wp-content/plugins/ohteam-system/system/plugins/option-tree/includes/ot-functions-admin.php on line 70

Gotrips - WordPress Booking Theme
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Christopher Fletcher

FYI Gotrips notifications plugin fucked up my server and all the websites in it. Solving

It happened to consume all my resources for some reason. this plugin must be UNSTABLE. these additional processes were created simultaneously: effecti1 822821 1.6 0.1 384016 73580 ? S 14:25 0:01 \_ lsphp:l/palawanexplorer.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php effecti1 823269 1.3 0.0 368220 57264 ? S 14:25 0:00 \_ lsphp:l/palawanexplorer.com/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php effecti1 823841 2.1 0.0 365604 54712 ? S 14:25 0:00 […]

Gotrips - WordPress Booking Theme
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Farzath Faiz

Adding Tripadvisor Reviews below the hotels Solving

Can you kindly add the tripadvisor reviews option below the hotel so that people can read the hotel reviews. Please kindly do this also kindly add support to WooCommerce payment gateway plugins I wanted PayHere to be added

Gotrips - WordPress Booking Theme
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Paris Karypidis

Understand the payment logic Solved

Hello, I bought your theme/service and it's very easy to use. I have a question though, which is the logic behind payments? Customer > Administrator > Partner? The split to tha partner is done automatically? Can you please enligh me with an example? I didn't found anything usefull until now. Thanks in advance

Gotrips - WordPress Booking Theme
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Denis Micheni

Payment Gateway Solving

Mine is not Actually a problem but a question. I would like to be able to add my own payment methonds like pesapal.com or MPESA (They are popular payment methods over here) I would like to be able to add them in the same way that the Bank transfer has been implemented. When you click […]

Gotrips - WordPress Booking Theme

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